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Wed 22nd Oct 2014  
Unlit will be touring the UK throughout this year, so join the mailing list and check the gigs section to see when there is one nearby, then just, be brave and turn up! Bring your own booze, and some food if you like, bring your friends... only thing I say is to be nice to the host and respect their house!
either email me at jont@jontnet.com and I will see if we can organise
one together as part of the current tour, or follow the easy steps below. You see, much as I'd like to convince you that you do, you don't really need ME there at all...
1:  hold it in your own home, or someone else's
2:  make it free and open to anyone
3:  a mixture of a party and a gig
4:  a gift for people you don't know and people you do
6:  feature a set of live music from a varied bill of performers
7:  do it the way YOU want to do it, the way YOU think it will work
Unlit is a night I started putting on ten years ago which now is a free event that takes place in people's homes. I wanted to create something that would be the best possible event I could imagine going to... a gig which was a party, a party which was a gig, but tailored around the audience not the performers. Instead of some endless jam (which can be good too but just wasn't what I wanted) the live music at Unlit lasts about an hour, is normally without any amplification, and is performed by a bill of three or four acts (mostly musicians but we've had almost everything you can think of) chosen by me and the host.

It is free to get in and I try to make sure that the person who's home it is is treated like a hero for the night. Cos they are a hero! They are taking the leap of faith to open up their house often to a lot of people they don't know, trusting that if you do something with a good heart and welcome strangers with gifts there is little to be lost and a lot to be gained. In this environment, where nobody quite knows who is who or why they are there, I've seen some incredible performances, often by people who in another context I probably wouldn't have picked up on.

Something about the intimacy of Unlit really brings out something beautiful in every performance. People bring a bottle, sometimes food and by the end of the night - the space enlivened by the hour of performance - it's normally a pretty amazing vibe. Some Unlits are big - about 100 or so - with djs and impromptu music sets continuing 'til dawn, while others are in little flats that can only fit 30 people at the most and are all about the live set of music (some of these have been the very best).
In the summer of 2006 I wrote to my friends on Myspace in America to see if any of them wanted me to come over and do Unlit in their house. They did! About 20 people replied saying "yes" so I went on an amazing road trip across the country putting on Unlit in the houses of people I'd only ever met on Myspace, most of the time just crashing on their floor or sofa. The resulting video blog series filmed by my friend Dave Depares was seen by thousands of people on Youtube as we made our way round the country. You can see that series "The State We're In", and the second series "The House We're In", below.

We met some incredible musicians and lots of very generous, friendly people who all seemed to dig the Unlit vibe. What was interesting was, as we travelled around, it became clear that music is much more than what it seems cracked up to be in the press these days... all about fame and notoriety... Music is the way we express ourselves, the expression of our personality. People will write, and play in bands, and get together to hear music and sing songs 'til the end of time... a few of them will become well-known and deservedly so. But the majority will be barely known at all, outside of their town or local bar.
Over the last few years as Unlit has been across the USA, France, Italy and the UK there have been some incredible performers...
Here are a few and links to their sites...
  • derek meins
  • the duke spirit
  • airport
  • tom baxter
  • charlie winston
  • vashti anna
  • Inouk
  • lou rhodes
  • joanaspolicewoman
  • carolin kendall
  • alison david
  • Raissa (from the mummers)
  • Newton Faulkner
  • artanker convoy
  • diako diakoff
  • derek bermel
  • Mark Nevin
  • Boo Hewerdine
  • Thea Gilmore
  • Ashley Maher
  • Zina Edwards
  • Sam Semple
  • Elaine Palmer
  • Ben Parker
  • Peter Byrne
  • Antonio Forcione
  • Liz Simcock
  • Harry Gilonis
  • The Mighty Roars
  • Oddur
  • Comfort
  • Emit Bloch
  • Dana Immanuel
  • 6 Day Riot
  • Benji Hughes
  • Foster Timms
  • Mezklah
  • John Gold
  • Sam Sparro
  • Michelle Shocked
  • Adem
  • Sweetie Irie
  • Lisa Knapp
  • The Experimental Instrument Orchestra
  • DW Box
  • Myshel Prasad
  • The Robotanists
  • Z (from The Like)
  • Andreas (poet)
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Bent (from Das-Pop)
  • Daddy Long Legs
  • Mescalito
  • Daby Toure
  • Medi & The Medicine Show
  • Sharon Lewis
  • Emmanuel Jal
  • Kathryn Williams
  • Paris Motel
  • The Wireless
  • Louis (from Semaphore)
  • Wallis Bird
  • Hadar Manor
  • Note To Self
  • Greg Hall
  • Hafdis Huld
  • Red Hot Gypsy Fever
  • Shane TV
  • Fallen Trees
  • Hedluv
  • Josh Weller
  • The Lost Levels
  • Ruby and Her Whorses
  • Wooden Box
  • The Sycamores
  • Sparrow and The Workshop
  • Louis Barabbas
  • Paul Chi
  • Slow
  • Stanley Forbes
  • Tim Clare
  • Hanggai
    Unlit movies - The Road We're On
    was the third series of Unlit films made, still with Dave but this time with a production company (Monkey) a sponsor (Orange) and a second cameraman (Mr Garfield Carrott) - we went around the UK again, met more amazing musicians and made some good friends...

    Part 1 - Penzance

    Part 2 - Norwich

    Part 3 - Abergavenny

    Part 4 - Liverpool

    Part 5 - Manchester

    Part 6 - Dumbarton

    Part 7 - Birmingham

    Part 8 - Bristol

    Part 9 - Documentary Part 1

    Part 10 - Documentary Part 2
    Unlit movies - The House We're In
    was the second series of Unlit films created by Dave and me, and the first going around the UK. They were shorter in length that The State We're In, and included the same mix of interviews, music and vibe that made the first series so special.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

    Part 6


    Part 8

    Part 9

    Part 10
    Unlit movies - The State We're In
    In the summer of 2006 my friend Dave Depares and I drove across America putting on gigs in the houses of people I had met on Myspace.

    As we went Dave edited the stuff he had filmed and posted it as an online video blog... it was more like a lo-fi TV series and thousands of people joined us for a virtual road trip.

    We covered 10,000 miles, played in more than twenty houses and met a huge variety of compelling and talented performers. Check out the films here. This year Dave and I are going across the UK, doing the same thing... and you will be able to see all the movies here throughout the year.

    Part I - Brooklyn, New York

    Part II - Staunton, Virginia

    Part III - Richmond, Virginia

    Part IV - Louisville, Kentucky

    Part V - Memphis, Tennessee

    Part VI - Dallas, Texas

    Part VII - Elburn, Illinois

    Part VIII - Columbia, Missouri

    Part IX - Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas
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